20 UsefulSEO Tips

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Basic Search Engine Tips

These basic Search Engine tips are easy to implement if you have the a basic understanding of HTML, these are usually the starting towards getting a Organic Listing on Google.In order to increase your search engine rankings you need powerful and proven SEO rankings with proven SEO tools the Pro's.

  • TIP #1: Having a Title Tag is the most basic step toward search engine optimization (SEO). Think like this can you find a book without a title so how you expect the Search Engine to find your website with out one. The maximum number of characters I recommend for this Tag is 60,which is considered robot friendly
  • TIP #2: Having correct Meta Tags is also the most basic step toward search engine optimization (SEO). The Meta Description and Keywords Tags are similar to the preface or back cover of a book. They are inserted into the HTML document, but are not directly visible to the human visitor. They are attention getters and help in determining the category so obviously needs to be properly optimized. I recommended maximum number of characters for this Meta tag Description is 150 also avoid repeated keywords at least avoid repeating a word more then 5 times.
  • TIP #3: Meta Charset:-Browsers and many search engines use the character set specified for a document to determine how to translate the bytes in the document into characters on the screen or on paper It is now recommended to always use this Meta Tag, even with the previously-default Charest iso-8859-1. Failure to do so may cause display problems where, for instance, the document uses utf-8 punctuation characters but is displayed in ISO or ASCII Charest
  • TIP #4: If you are not on the first page of search results, 62% of Internet users will not find you!
  • TIP#5: With right tools and support anyone can do optimise a website you can either pay the consultant to optimize the Website for you, or you can learn to optimize your Website yourself. More TAGS which would be worth analysing are IMG ALT Tag Keyword Density Analysis. Top Keyword Phrase Analysis.