Deadly SinsIn a Website

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Web Development is not a science but it is becoming more and more complex, itís no longer simply about targeting alone or injecting the consumer. Itís about understanding the consumer insight and delivery this connectivity. But as technology advances we tend to forget the basics of a website. Some of the deadly sins in a website which I have come across are

  • Dead Links (66.2%)
  • Slow loading pages (57.3%)
  • Host site in Australia if itís an Australian Business (Australian based Servers mean fast web site load times for Australians!)
  • No site map
  • Outdated pages
  • Confusing Navigation
  • Ineffective site search tools
  • Contact us-footer on page
  • Incapability to go back
  • Unnecessary flash screens or animation
  • Text that moves
  • Music or other audio that plays automatically
  • Poor appearance, colors font format A website should depict your business in all aspects.

For example in a Restaurant website (for people doing business their way) A website should depict colour scheme, logo, traditionally, menu/prices, guestbook, location/contact us, BYO information, ways to make a payment, delivery instruction, take away. You should be able to get more customers through your website by online marketing techniques, email marketing, sending vouchers to your customer on their birthdays. You are the business and if you pay for your website you would need to work harder, so the value has to be there GET VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY